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IMPORTANT NOTE:It has come to my attention that there may be some links of questionable value here for a Mormon Christian. I do not control the links that other sites may link to. I am mainly interested in supplying the ideas of mysticism for those who wish to know more about the subject. What you choose to do with Cabalah or Tarot or Hermeticism is entirely of your free choosing. Some of these links may offend you. If so, don't go to them. I am of the opinion that knowledge of spiritual questings may be had in many traditions around the world, and that God reveals his Gospel and knowledge to ALL his children in forms and ways that THEY can understand and comprehend and appreciate. This means there may very well be contradictory information here which does not fit in with Mormonism. For this life, since we don't know totality of knowledge, I live with said contradictions without too much worry. God has no revealed all He is to yet, so I side with Brigham Young who proclaimed he was after truth and correct knowledge from whereever it may reside, whether in earth, heaven or hell. So if I quote a little hell around here, please forgive - GRIN!(KAS)

Articles & Links

Logoj and Jesus: The Significance by Kerry A. Shirts

Honi the Circle Drawer, Jesus, Apollo, Zeus & Hermes: Sacred Geometry & Gematria Anciently by Kerry A. Shirts [TAKES A MINUTE TO DOWNLOAD, WELL WORTH SEEING, AS THE GRAPHS LITERALLY SHOW YOU WHAT IT MEANS....THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE]

Sacred Geometry, the Gnostics and the Logoj Kerry A. Shirts This is a symbolic pictorial paper, so please start reading while the pictures come in. It will take them a minute, but you must see sacred geometry in order to "get it" at what is being said.

Resources on Tarot Symbolism Ideas (My Tarot Notes) Kerry A. Shirts New Additions January 7, 2003

The Spiritual Mormon Experience: The Numinous and Mystical By Kevin Christensen

Alchemy - An Appreciation by Kerry A. Shirts

The Real Qabalah - A Jewish Vs a Mormon Perspective

Meditating on the Qabalah by Kerry A. Shirts

Mysticism Within Mormonism: Another Look by Kerry A. Shirts

The Religion of Manichaeanism

Tarot High Priestess as Hathor, Mother of the Gods by Kerry A. Shirts

Concepts from the Bahir: The Tree of Life in the Kabbalah

The Dance of JesuShiva This is a huge pictorial symbolism paper, so when you open it start reading and it will take a few minutes for all the pictures to open. I am using them in conjunction with each other and comparing symbolism and ideas, so it is well worth it to see them opened. Please be a little patient. By Kerry A. Shirts

Man From the Dust? Another Look at the Meaning of the Hebrew Word "Aphar" By Joe Steve Swick III & Kerry A. Shirts

Archeo-Astronomy Notes and Musings by Kerry A. Shirts

Mysticism/Cabalah/Tarot LINKS

Mysticism links with a terrific variety

Cabalah & Tarot Links This site ROCKS!

The LARGEST extensive links on Kabbalah anywhere - This site ROCKS AND ROLLS!!!

THE Definitive site on Alchemy

The Metaphysics Research Lab at Stanford University

Hermetic Kabbalah outstanding site and phenomenal links

Biblioteca Arcana Greco-Roman

Traditio An Astonishing amount of Medieval and Latin texts, readings in ancient religion, mysticism, Greek and Latin Patrology, etc.

Table of Tarot Correspondences

Tarot Card Keys Takes a minute or two to open, well worth the wait.

A. E. Waite's Writings, The Famous Tarot Card scholar and Author

Gematria Calculator For those who want to try their hand at this. Great tool!

The Official Graham Hancock Page - In Search of the Lost Civilization

Kronia, Interdisciplinary planet and catastrophe site Dealing with science and myth

Tha Masonic Moroni Research on Mormonism and Masonry

Fraternity of the Hidden Light Wonderful links! Alchemy, Masonry, Hermeticism, Cabalah, etc.